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Trust In Quality

Hakim Herbals™ supplies premium quality herbal products, such as natural powders and natural oils. Our products are sourced from the most reliable certified suppliers in India who have years of experience in herbal and natural products. We rely on and trust in their expertise to bring you the highest quality herbal products. 

Our Suppliers

We source all of our products from independently verified suppliers who are certified to internationally recognised standards.

Our suppliers have the following certifications:

We also independently carry out verification of the certificates of our suppliers to ensure that we only source safe, tested, high quality products from suppliers who actively maintain their operations as per internationally recognised quality control standards. Contact us to request documentation, such as Certificate of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

Wholesale & Bespoke

We can provide wholesale quantity of our premium quality certified herbal products to those who require large quantities, such as shops and restaurants. 

We can also do bespoke custom branding and packaging for your own brand. If you are looking to supply herbal products in your own packaging, we can brand and package our premium quality certified products in your own branded packaging.

If you want to stock our premium quality certified herbal products in your stores, please get in touch with us. 

herbal products

Why Choose Hakim Herbals®

herbal products


Our Products are sourced from suppliers who carry USDA Organic & INDIA Organic certifications. 

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Our Products are sourced from suppliers who carry vegetarian certifications. 

herbal products


Our Products are quality tested to ensure you receive the highest standard of natural products.